“There are eight quatuordecillion stories in the Big Galaxy.  This is one of them.”
-Albert Mars (or something)

A truly comprehensive Table Of Contents for Three Virellium Coins would, due to the ever-expanding nature of its episodic presentation, be an exhaustive project.  In other words, the author is lazy and chooses not to do such a thing.  Also, the author considers the different stories within Three Virellium Coins to overlap, so episodes of the Hazard Pay story arc mingle with the Desperate Measures arc, the Dyson Empire story arc dances with the Astroguard story arc, and so forth.  And what if a person is only interested in episodes where Asteroid Racing is a factor?  No, it simply can’t be done (though searching the website for Tags or looking at the different Categories might help a bit.)

Having said that, we can, and should, create links to the starting points of various chapters.  There are eight quatuordecillion stories in the big galaxy, and these links can help you start a few of them.

Chapter One: Dead In Twelve Minutes
In which the investigative Zack Gamma is told that he has twelve minutes left to live, and intrepid racer Carmen Shift has had enough of a rival out to steal her spotlight.  (Naturally, the first chapter begins with Episode 1: Dead In Twelve Minutes.)

Chapter Two: Helix
In which an attempt to avoid detection at a hospital brings unwanted attention from some entirely different directions. (This chapter begins with Episode 10: A Petrakinetic Brain Scan.)

Chapter Three: Murk
In which Zack encounters Murk, an alien with a score to settle.  (This chapter begins with Episode 20: Awake at Alpha Street.)

Chapter Four: Road to Desperation
In which Zack is rescued, and others attempt to convince him that he should leave.  (This chapter begins with Episode 27: Cooling Off.)


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